Half term was spent travelling to Hampshire where my hubby works 3 days a week now and exploring the wonderful coastline of Hampshire and West Sussex. This is the second time I have visited this part of the country. Last Summer was spent down there too, in between going to Norfolk and working on the beach cabin. Having been married 20 years, and spending 19 years together, this last year has been very different. I spend most of the evenings my hubby is away working and planning, and it has been an exciting phase. We have missed each other though and it’s been lovely to spend a week with him.

Beaches down on the south coast are beautiful, we found a lovely beach called West Wittering, which was only a 35-minute drive from the hotel. Local people had told us about this delightful spot, so we ventured out to go see if we would love it as much as Norfolk. The beach was a long stretch out to the sea and had some pretty little beach huts at the top with a few sand dunes to hide behind. Storm Doris was arriving the day after, so there was a calm breeze and although we were wrapped up the weather was quite mild. Parking was very reasonable only costing £1.00 so I imagine in the Summer this is a packed beach.

Being a city-loving girl, I was desperate to find some interior shops and I didn’t get a chance to see any. Brighton is 1 hour and 30 minutes away, so my thoughts are I will definitely be visiting there the next time I am down that part of the country.

It doesn’t matter to me what time of year it is I just love being on the beach. Getting that sea breeze, walking and taking in the scenery is one of my favourite things to do. In all honesty, I think I would need a couple of weeks to find more beaches and explore this coastline. Spending time looking for great beaches is fun, and I remember doing this in Norfolk, exploring the whole coast finding the places that we love, and still go back to again and again.

One day we went to the New Forest Wildlife park, that has otters and my hubby’s favourite wolves. Seeing wolves in real life was just breathtaking and the grace they have when they run is just beautiful to watch. We could have stayed there all day just watching the pack playing, fighting and running. After seeing the whole park we ventured off to Winchester and found ourselves in a toy shop and a pub where I had a lovely ale.

All this being close to the sea did make me miss my little safe haven in Norfolk, the one place that has a very special place in my heart. I can’t wait to go there and open it all up as it hasn’t been opened since Halloween. Looking forward to some serious time on the beach, finding the best pebbles, eating Cromer crab, and pottering around my favourite spots.

I love seaside interiors which I will cover a full post on at a later date, but I love how you can use lots of reclaimed wood, and create a different interior setting than you would maybe have living in a city. Organising colour in a different way, and creating a hygge environment is top of my list, I love to explore the gentle hues of greys and browns, and think of different colours other than your typical seaside blues, and turquoise. Farrow and Ball brought out a few new colours last year and Worsted is a gorgeous colour I plan to use in the cabin. Worsted is the name of a village in Norfolk, so it’s a nice coincidence that I love this colour don’t you think?

If you know of any beaches on the Hampshire coastline that you think I would love, please get in touch?

Photo credit the boat by Alexander Neely a boat which sits nearby our local beach in Norfolk, I wish I owned it but I don’t, I can imagine this boat being mine 🙂

Beach photo credit to Alexander Neely, who loves taking lovely photo’s of our local beach in Norfolk 🙂



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