Hi, my name is Louise, I am a wife and mum of two gorgeous boys one being a cool 23-year-old and the other a cute 10-year-old. I am from South Yorkshire, in the north of England, and have loved and cherished my home city, Sheffield, all my life! It is a vibrant city, that has so much to offer. We have an industrial edge we are proud of, with an array of independent shops, amazing street art, a real city vibe. Then we have amazing green spaces and a small journey to the peak district on our doorstep.

I then moved with my husband’s work to Southsea and split my time between two places. I never thought I would love anywhere as much as home but then I fell in love with this vibrant place so full of all the things I loved back home. Indies, creatives and artists. Designers and folk with an inspiring community outlook on life!

Spending all my time talking about these two places is a passion of mine which has grown into a career of promotion. Look out for Southsea Folk and Sheffield Folk to see what I mean 🙂

I’ve had an eclectic interior style for about 25 years. My love of mixing old and new together, alongside my love of industrial, salvaged, and up-cycled style, makes an interesting look.  I also own a 90 year old wooden cabin in Norfolk with my hubby. We are revamping it, and its a great project to work on, which I hope to share with you. My whole life has been a world of creativity starting very young loving colour and how it is used in a visual way. Landing a Visual Merchandiser role from a young age, gave me an insight into a visual world. Working on design and layout for retail stores was a passion I enjoyed. Over the years I realised my love for interiors needed to be focused on something, as there is only so many times you can decorate your house. Studying at the Chelsea Design Harbour in London in Interior Design, gave me a push towards Interior Styling and my love of blogs. So here I am, wanting to share with you my views, travels, and ideas on design and interior focus. Enjoy and share my journey.