After all the talk of ‘Hygge” last week, and how comforting the whole concept is, I thought about what would make a nice cosy, Hygge, Scandinavian Christmas, that you could adapt at home. I am not saying that you must quickly get the white paint out and declutter your house. That your only decorations have to be logs and twigs, just to create a simple Scandinavian look, if that’s not your style. There are, though ideas you can pinch, and use in your home and feel like you achieved a certain look.

Sometimes we just want to create one area to look cosy, and Scandi like. That might be your Bedroom or a reading nook in your Kitchen. Just by adding some fairy lights, a faux fur throw, and a stag’s head, you can have yourself a little retreat 🙂 Here are a few ideas to look at to help guide you through and create the look you want.

One of my favourite things to get is a huge soft bean bag, in either Faux Fur or a soft material, like these Giant Bean Bags from Big Bertha Original. Amazing sizes, and I have a bit of a soft spot for the Mega Mammoth Blue one! then add some fairy lights, either to the wall, around a plant, or on a shelf. Create a soft lighting focus, with a nice lamp.

Reclaimed wood always looks the part, and this Reclaimed Wooden Lantern, is a perfect example, of getting that atmospheric feeling. I love reclaimed wood and would have a bench, or something upcycled. My friend made me little benches out of old fashioned deck chairs, which I adore! On my little bench, I would add a few of my favourite books, and some nice candles. I would add a nice furry hot water bottle, and think of something baked, with a hot toddy!

This Stag head would look the part too, and with lights what can I say!

Maybe you haven’t quite got the space for a giant fur beanbag, in which case, just adding texture in the form of cushions, and throws to your Sofa or Armchair, adds instant drama, and by adding lots of texture, fur, velvet, cashmere, wool, you are adding a sensory delight to curl up in and think all festive!

Nothing beats real fur, and I love my cat for this, she has such beautiful fur, and I love to snuggle up with her.

There are though lots of wonderful sheepskin rugs, and chair covers around. If you can afford to pay a bit more, adding a few sheepskin throws to your dining chairs will add the ‘Hygge Scandi feel and look.

Maybe you do want to go all out and have a minimal Scandi look, then nothing does beat a twig tree, with simple decorations on, I love doing this, see my Post from yesterday, about the Porcelain Decorations I recommended, that will achieve this look.

Here are two of my favourite recipes to get you in the mood to create a Hygge, Scandi retreat………………………..

First up is the Cinnamon and Cardamom buns by Tessa Kiros, from her Falling Cloudberries book. A fabulous read, these are a little tricky to make the first time you make them, but you can put Christmas music on and forget about the world for an hour, your house will smell amazing, and you will be so glad you made them!

Secondly a Glogg recipe, or Mulled Wine some people like to call it. That will warm your cockles! and is inspired by the Little Book of Hygge I read last week.

My tags to my photos are not working so credits to Nordic House, The White Company and Cox and Cox!



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