When I think of all the presents I need to buy for my loved ones, I think about how I love to wander around shops and treat myself to one thing. Every year seems to get more and more expensive, and there always seems to be more to do. With this in mind, I always think it’s so nice to just treat yourself to one small item leading up to the big day. It’s fantastic if you can afford to spend more on yourself, but if you’re like me, and have parties to go to, expensive meals out, outfits to buy, Children to spend money on you can’t always afford to spend too much. So my rule I always give myself is to treat myself to one item which is always under £30.00. Always some interior decoration that I can enjoy and look at over Christmas.

While shopping on the Internet, I browsed some of my favourite websites, and found these treasures, which I am going to treat myself to one of them! Christmas was different things to me as a little girl, my parents were divorced, and I spent my time at two homes over the Christmas period. My dad always had an artificial tree but had the most beautiful antique lights, that were coaches, in all Jewel colours. I thought they were beautiful!

My Mum always loved a real Christmas tree, and she wouldn’t spend a lot on one, the needles were always all over the floor! but I loved the smell of it. What I found when I got married, was we built our own traditions, always bought a real tree, which seems to have got bigger every year! In my hubby’s eyes, the tree is more important than anything else. Because we didn’t have much money in our early days, we kindly got given a box of baubles from my mum in law, who had collected them since my hubby was a little boy. There were a few little favourite ones, and so we decided every year we would buy one new bauble each. We are in our 19th year now, so you can imagine our tree is needing to get bigger to accommodate all of the Christmas decorations!

This year though my son has moved out to go to University, and he loves all his own baubles and so there may be more room for our tree after all 🙂

All these items were in stock when I found them last night! These are some of my favourite things I have found.

Photo via Luke Arthur Wells

My living room has changed colour, I realised after pulling all my Christmas boxes out of the loft, that I may need to change some colours around this year. I went to look for some Green baubles and found these. So beautiful, and ones to treasure! Priced at £15.00 for a set of four, I think they will last a long time! as long as I am not too clumsy of course. They are made by traditional glass blowers.

Photo via Graham and Green

Looking on Graham and Green website, (I always love browsing on there any time of year, but especially in the festive period), I found these cute Cactus baubles, a set of three for £12.95. In a year where plants have been a huge focus, I think these really are a cute on trend addition to have!

Photo via Graham and Green

Staying on Graham and Green I found this adorable Copper Squirrel Nutcracker, ideal for my drinks trolley, in the corner of the room. It is £26.00 and I think I could have some great fun with this, trying to crack that walnut after a glass of Sherry.

Rockett St George was my next stop, and found this Star Shaped Candle Stick Holder for £12.00 to go in the top of your favourite Gin bottle!

Photo via the White Company

Browsing through The White Company, I found these White Hearts and Stars Porcelain Decorations, and thought that they really did have a Scandi feel, and would look stunning on their own on a twig tree, or some branches found in the woods! priced at £12.00 I think this is a fab price for a stunning look.

Hope you buy yourself a Christmas treat, and also enjoy looking at all your decorations you have collected over the years for the 1st December! I am off to check all my fairy lights, and see if there is any way I could squeeze some more in, wonder if there is a corner of the house I haven’t thought about.

My favourite Christmas decoration ideas I love to implement in my home……….

Baubles on branches preferably found in the woods! can be painted, or left natural. Adding paper pom poms, I love White but have seen lots of colours together which have an amazing effect. Adding extra lights to Christmas wreaths, for my front door. Adding as many fairy lights always white, as I love White lights, to as many places as possible, outside and inside too. Christmas stars, anything that is a star and lights up gets my vote. Thinking of a window focus that can be seen from far away, I love doing this, last year was The White Company paper stars hanging from my curtain rail, I couldn’t close my curtains but I didn’t care. Creating a Winter Wonderland for my son, by using a white cover, and then displaying his Christmas tree, and all his collection of snow globes he has, which he loves.

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