Ok so I have a cool 6-year-old, and that means that he loves Lego on a big scale. That also means he wanted to go see the new Batman Lego movie on the day it came out. Honestly, I went along thinking I was going to be bored, but do you know what, it was brilliant. Probably the best Lego film I have ever seen! It has so many adult humour bits in it, but still is great for kids, I am so glad I went to see it now. I follow Beer Mat Movies on twitter and he so makes me laugh, and also he writes really good reviews always on the back of a beer mat! check him out on @beer_mat_movies.

I went to Meadowhall for the first time in ages. Everyone was asking me for ideas on what I wanted for my birthday and seen as though I hadn’t been to many shops for a while, especially clothes shops, I thought I would go and have a little venture out. Wandering around Debenhams, I found a lovely new clothes section called Savannah Miller and fell in love with a couple of items there. It’s quite hard at the moment because I am much bigger than I have ever been before, so I am not wanting to buy a whole wardrobe, knowing I want to be a much smaller size, but my son wanted to buy me something so I chose a lovely black top. Black is one of my ultimate staples and no matter what anyone says I am always going to love it. Will be able to show you when I open my presents tomorrow 🙂

Photo via H&M Home

Photo via H&M home

Pottering around H&M Home website, I found the Easy Eclectism collection, which is full of gorgeous velvet cushions as well as tons of other cool things to buy my favourite still being green and blue, but they have some really nice mustard colours too. I do love H&M a pity I never get to see their stuff in store, but it’s always a pleasure ordering from the website I have to say.

Photo Via Real Cork Floors

So this week is all about cork, and if your like me and only ever thought of this stuff as a pin board back in the 80’s where you used to pin your favourite passport picture of you and your best mate messing about in a photo booth sticking your tongue out, then you will be thinking how on earth could cork play a part in interiors in 2017! This was my thought until I saw some pictures and have to say it is winning me over. As a feature wall with a texture it really is looking stunning, more on this at the end of this week! but just think of a material that is a renewable resource, and has amazing insulation and acoustical capabilities, tune in this wknd for full report.

Have a great week 🙂



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    February 16, 2017 at 3:34 am

    The cushions look great. 🙂

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