Just got back from 2 whole weeks in Norfolk at my cabin. After a stressful start to the Summer, this is just what I needed. Being such a small place it has a very snug feeling and you don’t have to spend hours cleaning. A quick brush of sand outside from the wooden floors and you’re all ready to chill. Because there is no wifi I don’t listen to any news that is happening in the world. Being a quiet village where nothing ever happens you are just left in peace to feel at one with nature. You find yourself listening out for the waves so you can tell what is happening with the tide. Without a doubt, you always look up to the sky for the stars and that’s very calming in itself.

Something I didn’t anticipate was my 6YO being so comforted about being there. When we arrived after the first day he just squealed that he loved this place, that he was so glad everything still looked the same. This is because of our big move and him moving out of his family home into a new area, school, and house. Thinking about how resilient he was about the big move you just try and focus on happy things in your new home, but to see his little face beaming and how content he looked absolutely melted my heart!

We have so much work to do there and stuck in limbo at the moment because we can’t do anymore DIY to it. There are little bits we could do but it just doesn’t seem worth it until the big projects get done. I always used to be so impatient to get jobs done a while ago but I have grown into a person that wants to take my time and get everything just right. I get so excited about cabins, and the kind of Interiors you can achieve in little places like this in the Summer, it’s like having that Christmas excited feeling we all get around the start of December. So look out this week I will be sharing my ideas for the new look of my cabin, what plans I have and colours etc. I do believe that there is something calming about having a natural element to your holiday get away. So many people are obsessed with the colours Blue and incorporating that into their decoration ideas and although a little cliche there are good reasons why people do this. The Sea is so calm and lifts our souls that no wonder the colour Blue plays a part in their colour scheme. Having spent time at my place and using Blues and Reds in my son’s room, I want to use gentle relaxing colour and feel an urge to step away from the stereotypical idea of a beach shack.

Days were spent this Summer on the beach, every time being something different. One day was rainy so we walked looking out for crabs and things to collect. Another day was so hot we spent our evening on the beach burying each other in the sand. That’s what I love about the sea and the beach. When you spend enough time there you realise how nature works in so many different ways. How the moon affects the tide, so you have to plan your beach trips carefully. One day being a great time to travel down to the beach at midday may have to take place at 4 pm by the end of that week.

Days out were fun, we went to a Maze near Felbrigg Hall called Wizard Maze. The entry fee was a fair £7.00 and there were lots of hay bales to climb. The maze itself was a huge Cornfield which had you walking miles around to collect stamps on a card to collect a prize. Not going to lie I gave up one stamp away from the end because I was so tired! We spent time at Happisburgh which is the 2nd village away from us. It used to just have a road and small car park down to the best pebble beach you can imagine. Now it has a new car park, a great play park for children and a lovely little hut at the end of someone’s garden who has turned it into a cafe. Iced tea and amazing baking delights on offer make this a fab little place to venture to. The famous lighthouse in its Red and White glory is the only independent lighthouse left in the UK and although I am biased it is the prettiest in my opinion.

Our last night was spent going to Cromer Carnival in which there is a whole week of events for families followed by an evening of the illumination parade and the most amazing firework display I have seen apart from New Years Eve. This year honestly did not disappoint and ended a great time me and my son had while we were away.

One thing I noticed from friends I met with and pottering around cafes was that the buzz word of this summer is definitely iced tea. Everyone is either stewing some up, drinking it or talking about it and I am loving this as I blumming love tea! I even took some of my own lemons off my tree at home to give to my friends which they were delighted with and started throwing it straight away in their iced tea.

Here are a couple of my favourite recipes 🙂


Hibiscus Tea which gives a lovely red colour.

Rasberry Blue iced tea that can have a fizz by adding a touch of sparkling elderflower. I bought my Blue tea from the Wentworth food festival but there are some fab tea companies out there that ship all across the UK. Or you could be lucky enough to live right near by the Birdhouse Tea Co in Sheffield, or the Bluebird Tea Co in Brighton. Either way, I love this tea for its colour and ways to enhance the flavours 🙂


This week I found out the most Instagrammed room in your house is the Kitchen. Are you surprised by that? I am not because over time this is one place in our homes that has got bigger, sometimes become more open plan. This area has had islands fitted so there can be more socializing and out of houses being sold the Kitchen ranks highest when it comes to the desirability of a home. So I will be covering Kitchen’s and looking at the most beautiful inspiring ones to give you some ideas of what can be achieved and even help enhance what you already have.

So please come back at the end of this week when in between going to the Victorious Festival with my family at the wknd I will be covering beach interiors and what can be done on a budget to make a beautiful, relaxing get away for you to escape to. Have a fun week x

Photo credit to Alexander Neely for 2 of the photos in the gallery section of this post.



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