How was your Summer? Did you do everything you hoped and dreamed of? I normally like to spend quite a bit of time off in the Summer but this year was so crazy busy with work. Away from my interior blog (which I feel I have neglected for quite some time eek!), I have been working on my magazine empire and trying to make small but good waves in the places I live and love.

There have been so many things happen to me over the last year that I felt like I wanted to share all my sadness and worries but I couldn’t because you can’t just tell the world all that is bothering you in your little head can you? So I have done something that I have never done before, I put all my energy into my work and do you know what? It has kept me sooo busy that I feel a little stronger. I feel a little more hopeful about the future and in the process, I have made some friends. I have met some amazing people and networked with great businesses so it has all been worthwhile.

People came into my life and people said goodbye this year. So much sadness and yet even though it hurts we do move on. Nothing stops for your pain does it? Life has to just carry on. Even though you feel you will never be the same again all the jobs have to get done, your family still needs you. No matter how many times I say to others “oh don’t let your past define you” it’s just something you have to work through, isn’t it?

So my Summer of working meant I didn’t spend as much time in my getaway place in Norfolk but I spent the last week there. Not having gone since May I realise just how at peace I am there and really do relax. Having bought a couple of books at Easter it was nice to read them and finish ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Fine’. So many people have been talking about it so I love that I know what it is all about. Such a good read for a new author and to achieve so much in a first book!

The one thing I have had swirling around my head all Summer is rattan with the plant focus thrown in. Ok, so we all know plants have been the big interior trend for like ages but I don’t care:). September is a month I love because it always feels like a halfway month. The weather is always nice and Summer never feels completely over and yet Autumn is trying to itch its way into our lives by throwing a few leaves in our path but then still providing us with hot sunny days!

In the interior world, you hear people talk about January as a month of new beginnings but I always feel refreshed and ready to start a new way of looking at goals in September. The children go back to the new school year and they have so many new projects to think about that it inspires me to think of new beginnings.

When I think of my interior goals I set myself at the beginning of the year, I know I haven’t achieved enough of them but I have also had fun, smiled a lot. Walked what feels like 5000 miles and at least in September you have time to squeeze a few of those ideas before the year is out! My first goal for September was to get rid of my red hair. Having had red hair for 30 years it was a very big moment. I now look like Autumn itself with a copper golden colour. The first step to going grey as I can’t keep up with those pesky grey hairs on my head. So next stop blonde and then a modern grey. Wish me luck!

So what am I inspired by this Autumn when it comes to Interiors? Well, It is basically all the things I have been talking about over the last 2 years really. Green is still a love of mine as is mixed materials. Reclaimed wood is still on my mind as is concrete. The rough luxe is still something I adore and I can’t see that going anywhere soon. Mustard is flying around in the form of cushions and fashion so I do see myself needing to focus on this a little and well who has seen oversized flower walls? Yes, I know quite a luxury statement going on there.

Lots of things to cover and ways to inspire you but for now I am going to think of sunshine and if I can sneak a wknd away somewhere hot before the Winter dark nights draw us in.







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