Ok so the spring threw the whole country and then we adapted. Some people got more fit and some people put on weight. Lots of people enjoyed cooking and there were Tik Tok videos doing the rounds.

What did I do? Well, I enjoyed the fact that I had only been in my new home 3 months and I had a lot of DIY to do. Painting rooms to make them feel alive again made me feel positive and I actually got more stuck into work.

I run a podcast (look out I may do an Interior one!) for the local area and it was fun to still keep broadcasting during the first wave of the pandemic.

As we venture into winter though with a second wave and second lockdown amongst us I feel more wary. The virus is a lot more closer to home. This time around the virus feels like it’s just outside my door.

What can we do to bring comfort to our lives while in lockdown 2?

Well if you had to start working from home in March and never went back, do you feel you have the right space in your home to have a work/home balance? This is something you could enhance now. By spending time working on a dedicated area and making it a permanent place you can create something inspiring. A goal gallery wall space where you can put inspiring quotes and places you want to visit is a great idea and you don’t need a huge office to have a cool workspace.

For me, I had an office in the basement and my hubby was struggling in our guest room so we moved all my equipment upstairs and created a double desk for us both. It is a temporary measure but we can shut the door and walk away from work and feel like we can relax in the rest of our house.

That’s the trick you see to be able to mentally leave a space behind in your home where work happens and then switch to home mode.

Alcohol is something I enjoy on a wknd but given the choice I would always always pick a nice candle, decent book, great film or series to binge watch over alcohol. I would always choose a nice rug, lovely plumped up cushions and that feeling of being surrounded by the comfort of your home way over a glass of wine.

I think that is the thing in this pandemic you have to find what is your comfort zone and stick to that to keep you sane!

If you are a social person then having virtual nights with friends is a must. Second wave around there are more businesses doing exciting evenings which is fun.

On Friday me and the hubster attended our first beer tasting evening. The host delivered us three beers the night before, sent us a lovely email with a link to the Zoom and the evening event and we had one of the best nights ever!

So look out for events that might lift your spirits. If money is tight which is the same for a lot of us then think about all that you have. Dig out all those lovely books you haven’t read yet. Tune in to something you can enjoy! Podcasts for me are just the best. There are so many to choose from and they are relaxing.

On an interior level, comforting things are finding a cosy nook you can escape to from the world and maybe the rest of your household. Either create it with cushions and things you love and pile into this one spot. Maybe it’s a great view outside. Maybe it’s a cosy place near a radiator or fire. Wherever you choose find comfort there.

Gratitude is something that has really come into my life this year. Finding time to be grateful even on the grumpiest of days really will help you to find comfort. My friend Charla is an amazing, inspiring lady that offers workshops online, and tips for really being grateful, check her out here.

This time of year offers us low lighting, candlelight and just a hibernating feeling anyway so staying home should be a cosy thing to do. You could organise your kitchen and create a pantry type feature by adding Kilner jars labelling them, inviting you to make some nice wintery recipes to make you smile.

You could spend time decluttering and planning a room so when you have time, money and the chance to visit your favourite interior shops again you already have in your mind what you want 🙂

Moodboards are amazing for this, and you could also create a mood wall to take it one step further to encourage happy thoughts!

Shopping online has never been easier and even if you don’t have a lot ot spend right now you could look at interior blogs for ideas. Great blogs really do lift your soul a little, by giving tips on ways to love your home already or make plans to improve what you can.

Raid your garage or place you store paint and see what you have? There could be some paint you forgot you had and you could have fun in lockdown painting and upcycling some interior bits you already have!

I am planning on painting my Xmas card tree black which I have had for 15 years but it will just be nice to give it a fresh look. It’s so easy to order spray paint off the internet now and get spraying!

Having what my hubby calls a sanctuary in your home is a huge de-stress where you can just relax and forget about your worries. Mine is in my bathroom. I have a roll-top bath and the hubster cut up some wood leftover from barn flooring we used at the beach cabin and made it into a bath plank!

Sitting pretty at the end of the bath it has candles sat on it, my Ipad and space for either a herbal tea with honey or a glass of something alcoholic depending on whether it is a wknd or not. I love it there. All my troubles fade away with the bubbles. Loving my baths I do love bubbles and for me Neal’s Yard has the perfect tone with their aromatic foaming bath range. It is about £11.00 but lasts a while and with the aromatherapy blends they offer it just gives that perfect sense of comfort.

There are 100’s of bath oils and foaming bubble baths you can get and whatever takes your fancy you can feel joy in watching those bubbles grow into a relaxing haven to step in to.

Whatever comforting things you do take care, keep safe and look after yourselves x

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