From tomorrow you can sit in your garden with friends or family and how much of a relief is that? Just the feeling that you can sit and chill, have a glass of wine or just a cup of tea with the people you value in your life is something I think all of us didn’t realise would be so fundamental and yet here we are.

Sat on my comfy chair with an apple pie glistening in its bowl and condensed milk pouring down any escape route it can, creating a river of loveliness makes me think about my grandad and the apple pies he made every Sunday. While I tuck into my supper I wonder what he would have made of this pandemic? I can just imagine him in his outside space. He loved being in his garden and grew roses just like lots of his generation did back then and I think of this comfort blanket we call a garden, courtyard, or even balcony which makes me think how excited I am to spend more time outdoors now the clocks have gone forward and the days are getting warmer. This makes me wonder who will be sat in your outdoor space drinking a brew with you.

If you are planning on guests popping over, maybe you need to revamp your space outside? This week is going to be glorious sunshine so it is time to sweep away the cobwebs of winter and feel fresh in your garden space for the months ahead.

Times might have been hard for some of us and the thought of even thinking about purchasing a new garden set might fill you with dread, but there are garden bargains to be had. Facebook Marketplace has become a national treasure for us in lockdown as we have had time to scroll through this little house icon on our phones and pick up some amazing finds. Over the last year as a nation, we have turned to this part of social media to lift our mood of not being able to shop on the high street for interior bits or even attend our usual car boot on a Sunday. If you are like me and have bought furniture in a sustainable way in the past then shopping on Marketplace offers great pieces for such a small price! So, lookout for a bargain you can paint or even find pieces that have only been used a few times as don’t forget we have been a throwaway generation haven’t we?

If you are reaching into your pockets to spruce up your outside space then Ikea is a great place to find furniture that is modern but will stand the test of time too.

For me, I want an outside garden bar that can look the part for my friend’s cocktails but also be a place to park my plants or books. Looking around at second-hand pieces there are some great kitchen trolleys that can be spruced up and painted in vibrant colours for around £50. Just a good primer and undercoat is all that is needed to prep and then a final coat with the colour of your choice and voila you have a clever space for your friend’s cocktails!

Photo Credit to Ideal Home

If painting an outdoor bar feels like too much work then you can opt for this fab little piece from Etsy called The Little Lilly Garden Wall Bar. Being handmade it has all the feels and is space-saving by being a foldaway wall bar that is perfect for all your hosting skills with your friends or those family members you want to see. Having a bar that folds away easily makes a huge difference when it comes to having a compact space so you could even fit this on a balcony.

As we step into this week it is nice to think you can create zones in your outdoor space. I have a small courtyard to be honest as I gave up a huge garden for a smaller space that has a short walk to the sea overlooking the Isle of Wight and it is lovely. I do miss having a larger space, but even with the space I have, it means I can create different areas. One space for cooking and then another for eating is ideal while leaving a chill zone for those lazy boozy Sunday vibes with a book and decent music or entertaining friends.

One way to zone your space outside is to use outdoor rugs and lots of cushions as well as having a defined eating area and don’t forget some decent outdoor lighting!

Have fun sprucing up your outdoor space and preparing for that long-awaited chance to see a loved one smile in the flesh and not on a screen as well as planning some nice family outdoor gatherings. I feel hopeful about this outdoor garden rule and I hope you do too.

Featured Image by Not On The High Street

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