Summer so far feels like the pandemic we have been facing! One minute glorious weather and you put on your Summer attire then next minute you are drenched and pulling out your Winter sweater and scarf? What is in the air? Do you smell uncertainty as much as I do?

What you can rely on is art, music, fashion, films, and definitely culture to brighten your week as well as your pets to cuddle! Did I tell you that my cat loves my new Le Redoute bed? She keeps jumping up now for snuggles as it is lower than my old bed and I find that so relaxing instead of me having to get on the floor for a stroke and to hear a purr!

Even though Summer feels a bit uncertain there are good things to think about like going away in the UK for a break. Although places like Cornwall are popular just popping for a wknd away to Whitby or Oxford has great appeal. I would say get yourself on a trip and explore somewhere you either love or haven’t been before.  I genuinely love Vicky Flip Flop for this as she is always exploring somewhere I fancy going. As long as you pack for the British weather and have a positive mind you will enjoy yourself from the pubs you might find to the local history.

Books always ease my mind and when I do go away I like to pack a good read. As it was Independent Bookshop Week a few days ago, I always recommend supporting your local independent bookseller as every £1.00 you spend around 63p of that will go back to the local economy which is nuts when you think about it. I have just finished reading The Midnight Library recommended to me by the lovely Nikki from The Bookish Mindset. Not sure about you but I love following what other people have read as to be honest I don’t get much free time and to read a book that I end up hating is a huge disappointment to me so it’s nice to read what other’s say is a good book.

On an interior level, I have found following certain accounts appealing like bourjoisbiscuit who really makes me think of colour. Sophie reminds me of a mix between Mathew Williamson with his colour focus and Rockett St George with the niche eclectic pieces that Sophie has an eye for. Check out her Instagram.

I am loving the layering colour trend at the mo as it is easy on the eye and instead of using colours that contrast each other it focuses on enhancing colours used together gently and can be used in areas such as where you have a recess or a part of a room you want to draw attention to. You could use layering for breaking up a large room and give a whole new focus without needing to create a feature wall!

Have a look at some colour charts from Farrow and Ball to give you some ideas on this and have a play around with some ideas. The colours used in the featured image are Lichen No.19Setting Plaster No.231 | Estate Emulsion & Estate Eggshell; Blue Gray No.91  | Estate Eggshell.

Hope you have a good week ahead. I am in the mood for a really good Interior podcast so if you have found one please let me know!

Featured Image from Farrow and Ball

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